I want to share some impressions or rather some lessons learned at the safari with Jack.
1. “Slow down, white man!” - This one is maybe the most important lesson I learned. We tend to live our lives so fast, that we don’t take the time for the beauty happening around us the whole time.
2. “Lay the fire the bushman way” - For this you have to know, that the bushmen lay the firewood with one end into the fire not with the middle. Western people tend to put the middle in. We tend to “burn” our lives from the middle. We want to be in the middle of everything and lost the joy in the way to most things in our lives.
3. “Ahh, baboon trouble again” *laughing* - There are always circumstances and/or people in our lives, that do harm and we don’t understand why they are doing this. We get angry, and even more angry with time. We should rather let go and just repair the harm, have a good laugh about it and go on with life.
Thank you Jack for the quotes and most of all for the most beautiful and life-changing holiday. You have set the standards really high for my next holiday.
— Martin, Berlin

Dear Jack,

We thank you so much for this fabulous trip we had with you and Marina .
We think we were lucky during all the safari : 2 teeth less for Jérôme means 3 leopards !

And especially, we had with you a perfect guide with so much knowledge that you always enjoyed to share with us, always with the smile.
We sincerely appreciate to have you as a guide.
— Martine & Family, France

Had the most amazing safari trip with planet safari in the beginning of June 2017. We went on a 9-day safari trip through Moremi, Khwai, Savute, Chobe and Vic Falls.

It was an incredible safari, and we were so lucky with our sightings! In Moremi we got to see a cheetah and lions, and we had elephants in our campsite at third bridge.

On the way to Khwai we saw a leopard and some wild dogs. In Khwai we saw elephants swimming in the river, and another leopard in the evening.

On the way to Savute we saw more wild dogs, and in Savute we got to see lions roaring and mating in the morning. In Chobe we drove along the river and saw all kinds of animals, and on the last day in Chobe we saw a brown hyaena and a leopard with a cub. This has really been the safari trip of a lifetime! Jack is a fantastic field guide who really knows his way around the bush.

I strongly recommend a safari tour with Planet Safari to anyone who wants to discover the African wildlife up close, in some of the most beautiful places in the world.

Thank you Jack!
— Martin, Norway

I went on an 8-day camping safari with Jack in September 2016 and had a wonderful experience. He was very knowledgeable about all of the birds and animals we saw and the parks in Botswana. He took us on a lot of the back roads in the parks, where we would not have known to go if we were on our own. We saw pretty much every animal there was to see - elephants, zebras, buffalo, wildebeest, different kinds of impalas, giraffes, ostriches, lions, hippos, monkeys, baboons, and lots more that I can’t think of right now! We also saw 50+ different types of birds and our group was very impressed that he was able to identify every bird that crossed our path and share very detailed information with us.

I would definitely recommend going on a camping safari rather than staying in the lodges. The camping gives you an opportunity to truly be in the wild with the animals. You are able to get out into the parks earlier and stay later, since you don’t have to worry about commuting to the lodges. This gave us opportunities to see lions hunting early in the morning and in the evening while the other vehicles were not in the parks. Camping was also hardly roughing it - the tents come with showers and chef the cooks gourmet meals for you every day!

We had a lovely experience on the safari and highly recommend Jack!
— Kristina, New York

To be out in the bush with Jack was one of my best experience in my life. It doesn´t matter how often you have been with him out, he will always find some new and interesting things to show you! Jack has an enormous knowledge about all the little beetles up to the gigantic elephant and helps you to understand the amazing wildlife of southern Africa. If you love bird´s Jack is the right person for going out with you, he can tell everything about their behaviour and know most of their voices. But not just animals are well known from him, also all the different kind of bushes and trees with all their scientific names. Jack is a very kind and patient person and if you have questions you are always welcome to ask him. He is always in a good mood and make his little jokes with you, so you can just feel comfortable to hang around with him :) I can just say it was an amazing time with Jack, he never give up to answer all my questions, even when I was asking him the 5th time what kind of tree is that and what was the name again….. Thank you for the nice time and I will definitely come back :) !!!!!
— Caroline, Germany
Jack has an extended knowledge of both the wildlife and the fauna. He is a person You will get to know quick, due to his people knowledge and kind behaviour. He is a very good tracker and can read the tracks in sand and droppings easily. He also knows most of the Latin names of the animals too, if You want to know that, :-). I can warmly recommend him as a guide
— Per, Norway

For the first time, I met Jack in October 2012. I really appreciated it to go on bush walks and game drives with him. Now we have been on a trip with Jack in may 2014 for the second time. During our safari through the Moremi Game Reserve and Chobe, we had the pleasure to have him as our guide. We learned a lot about the African wildlife because he has a great knowledge about the bush and he likes to share his knowledge of the animals and plants. His passion is birding. While we were in the bush he was very concerned about our well being. We were never lost on this non sign roads and he is a very capable driver in whom we had total confidence. No rush, just cruising! He tried to have the best animal spottings and stayed as long as you want to. He was very patient with us while we were taking pictures of the different animals. We had a great adventure with him, unforgettable sunrises/sunsets, nice stories at the bonfire, lots of fun! We really enjoyed our holiday and miss the sounds of the African wildlife and our great guide with the beaming smile!
— Dörte, Germany

Jack führte uns in diesem Jahr durch Botswana. Wir hatten auf dieser Tour einige nicht ganz “einfache” Tourmitglieder dabei. Jack schaffte es, durch seine offene Art und sein immenses Wissen über Fauna und Flora trotzdem, diese Tour zu einem unvergesslichen Erlebnis zu machen. Danke Jack, wir werden in Verbindung bleiben!
— Werner, Germany