A personal approach to a safari.


Ever since Jack ‚Pumba‘ Ntema was a child, he wanted to be in the bush, watching the animals he loved. He studied to become a professional guide and worked with various safari companies, expanding his knowledge about the different ecosystems in Botswana. 

Wanting to share his love for nature by providing quality tours, and to be able to run safaris the way he wants them, Jack founded Planet Safari Tours in 2013. Jack ‚Pumba‘ Ntema personally runs all trips.

He is particularly interested in birds but has extensive knowledge of mammals, as well as the smaller animals in Botswana and plants. TourHQ.com rated Jack as one of the top 30 guides globally in 2016 (12th), and in 2017 (28th).

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Founder and headguide Jack 'Pumba' Ntema