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In which kind of tents do you use for camping safaris?

We use dome-tents (3mx3m) with mattresses on the ground.

What kind of vehicle do you use?

Your private vehicle will be a sturdy 4x4 Toyota Land Cruiser Game Viewing vehicle. Please check the gallery to see our vehicle in action!

I have never been on a safari and I am not sure if a camping safari suits me. Is it safe?

Camping safaris are made for people that are a little adventurous. But do not worry, your guide Jack Ntema will take good care of you. He will give you a detailed introduction on how to behave in camp and on game drives. With many years of safari experience he is well aware of the surroundings.  Always pay close attention to him and follow his advice. 

Can there be animals in camp at night?

Yes, we camp on unfenced camping grounds. You might here noises at night coming from animals that are walking through camp. But do not worry, they are not interested in you or your tent. Stay in your tent at night and do not walk off to inspect the source of the sound. Afterall, we are guests in Botswana wildlife rich National Parks. In the morning Jack will be happy to show you the tracks of the noctural visitors.

Can I charge my camera batteries and other electronical devices while being out in the bush?

Yes. You can recharge batteries at the designed plug in the car. Please bring as few electronical devices as possible since we use the car batteries to recharge them. 

What does a typical day on a camping safari look like?

We wake up early around 5am. After a hearty breakfast with hot coffee and tea we make an early start for our game drive. As the sun slowly rises we make our way through the spectacular Botswana wilderness. We spent our morning looking for wildlife and following promising tracks. Around 11am we stop at a suitable spot for a coffee/tea break. We arrive around 12.30pm in camp and get ready for lunch. After a midday break, we had out for our afternoon/evening game drive. After sunset we head back into camp and relax before dinner is served. 

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