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Camping Safari in Botswana


Camping safaris are undoubtedly one of the most exciting ways to explore Botswana pristine wilderness. While tented camping safaris lack the luxury of a 5-star lodge, they are indeed an unforgettable experience. We camp in spacious bow tents on secluded campsites in the national parks of Botswana. These campsites are not fenced, so there are chances to encounter your new neighbours in camp. But don't worry, they're rather shy. 

Immerse yourself in an atmosphere of untouched wilderness, far from the hectic world of civilisation.

Sleeping in tents out in the bush is an experience itself and can't be described with words. No buildings or human structures will distract the sounds of the bush! It's an exciting and soothing experience to fall asleep while being so close to nature. Cooked over an open fire, camp food is simple but delicious. Spent your evenings listening to the call of Zebras in the distance, safari tales and hear the crackling fire.  

We 'd love to take you out in the bush! 

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